It’s that time of the week again!


The FlexRec Management Team had another little surprise in store for all their team members on Friday 21st August 2020

The sneaky Team Leaders entered all their staff members names into a prize draw for the second week running, and as disbelief to the team, Gary again drew two winners from each shift.

The lucky winners each received a FREE McDonalds of their choice – and to boot, their Team Leaders had the lovely task of being the lucky winners “lunchtime slave.” They took their order, fetched it from the nearest McDonald’s and set it out in the canteen for them to eat.

The lucky winners were: –

1. Paul Bilby

2. Chris Cogan

3. Brandon Gregory

4 Miroslavez Vihorgonov

And, “kindness” was vital for one of the lucky winners, Chris Cogan, who kindly donated his meal to another team member. 

What a fantastic, kind-hearted gesture, Chris! 

Truly embraces the FlexRec ethos!

Congratulations and Enjoy guys!

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