As the temperatures soar to a sizzling 30 degrees or more this weekend, and you slip on your favourite summer top and shorts, you may break out in a hot sweat… as you realise you are also likely to be enduring part of your day in a face mask.

Keeping cool while wearing a facial covering might be more difficult, but we have gathered some useful tips.

1. Choose the correct Mask

  1. Choose a breathable material such as cotton or bamboo

b.    Choose a mask that is a lighter colour

2. Change what you put on your skin

  1. Try and avoid makeup as this blocks pores and may cause you to sweat
  2. Use water-based moisturisers and a good sunblock

3. Is a visor advisory

  1. Most people have invested in one, but remember to wipe down forehead regularly as the forehead is the slippiest and wettest part of your face

4. Stay hydrated

  1. Keep hydrated and drink water at regular intervals
  2. Gel hands both before and after touching your Mask
  3. Only remove your Mask when you are at a safe distance from others

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